Thursday, March 29, 2007


A man came this morning to change a lock on an office door. I took him to see the door in question, whereupon he asked me if I had a key to it.

Well, no, that's why we need it changing. If we could lock it, we wouldn't need a new one, it's not just that we got bored with this one.

Then he rubbed his chin and said - "Well, I haven't got a lock with me, I'll have to go and get it." But you came to change the lock? You knew that. Your office is on the other side of the site. And now it's started to rain and you're going to get wet, hah!


Was just speaking to someone off site, and they asked for another member of staff's home phone number. It wasn't till I'd read it out and hung up that I realised I'd just read out the number that she was actually on herself, cos it was the same area code....oops!



At 8:22 am , Blogger Dave said...

Odd, my blogpost yesterday was about jobsworthyness.

I'm coming to Cornwall in June, by the way. Put the kettle on.

At 7:37 pm , Blogger Jane said...

Hmph. Dave won't detour on his trip to Cornwall to visit me. Don't you go sharing any cream teas with him, will you?

At 10:22 am , Blogger Izzy said...

Kettle on, scones in oven. Um, I might have eaten them by June though....

At 12:34 pm , Blogger Dave said...

Lovely. I shall be in the St Austell area from Tuesday 19/6 to Saturday 23/6. If you'd like to meet me for a cream tea, suggest a time/place (e-mail at reveast [at] hotmail [dot] com if you like).

Sorry Jane.


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