Saturday, March 03, 2007

Why I hate my neighbours - a continuing series

Well, it's been a few months but - once more with the f***ing banging early on a weekend.

No, not that sort of banging you dirty lot.

Half past eight on a Saturday? You f****rs. It sounded like someone was trying to break through the wall into my bedroom. Or down from the attic. We've had banging, drilling, sawing. It's a quarter to eleven now and they're still going. There's a kitchen van outside, but they had a new kitchen, what, last year?


Ahem. Sorry for the more-than-usually-sweariness of this post.


At 12:07 am , Blogger Matt said...

I have neighbour issues too at the moment. Most of the time my next door neighbour is away, up country somewhere.
However, when he is in residence, he spends no end of time traipsing up and down the stairs that are against the party wall, playing loud music of which I can really only hear the base, and hacking up his lungs every morning whilst pissing like a race horse. Really quite pleasant, all told.

Most of today has also consisted of various police and ambulance people coming and going along the lane as the bloke at number 6 has gone mental. again.

still, on the plus side, I did make a rather nice looking banana bread.

At 8:58 am , Blogger Dave said...

Personally, I'd start banging too. Nothing like it* to start a Saturday properly.

*I meant carpentry, of course.

At 1:42 pm , Blogger Dave said...

BTW, I was rather hoping you might have commented on yesterday's post at my place. But don't feel you have to. Even though there's a cream tea on offer.


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