Thursday, February 15, 2007


For those that knew him/of him, my step-father passed away on Tuesday.

He had been fighting cancer for several years, but they think it was a faulty heart valve that did for him rather suddenly during a routine blood transfusion.


At 12:29 pm , Anonymous Madaxejan said...

Sorry to hear about this Izzy. Obviously I'd known about Martin's illness and that he was in hospital. it's just all rather sudden and a bit of a shock. Hope You and Mum are ok.

Jan X

At 12:36 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

oops, sorry babe, I thought it would have filtered through the grapevine to you by now!

yeah, we're doing ok, just lots of administrative bollocks to wade through now.


At 12:54 pm , Anonymous Madaxejan said...

That's ok. Ian told me about it about 10 minutes before I looked at your blog actually. I was off work yesterday, so out of the "loop".

At 9:20 pm , Anonymous lelly said...

Your mum said that you and C. had been a wonderful help.

We're all proud of you, and thinking of you.

See you soon.

Lelly XXX

At 9:59 am , Blogger Dave said...

I'm sure I posted a comment a couple of days ago offering my sympathy, but it's not here now, so I'll say it again. Sympathy.

At 11:36 am , Blogger Izzy said...

Dave: thank you, much appreciated.


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