Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Very *Local* Shop

Once again, my suspicions have been confirmed that the staff in our local shop only have one brain cell between them. I just bought a paper and a card, which came to a total of £2.39. Now, I'd already thrown the cashier by having my own bag, but placing £2.40 in her hand was obviously a complication too far. She stood and looked at it for a while, then hesitantly held it out to me again. I looked back at her, in a "yes, and?" sort of way. She looked at the coins again. You could almost see the lips moving as she counted it up. "Oh. Sorry, I thought for a minute you'd given me too much." WTF? Yes, technically, I have given you too much, a problem you can rectify by giving one of your new shiny pence in return. Gah.


At 9:13 am , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

Yes, well, Cornwall.

Like Norfolk, is it? Lots of inbreeding?

At 7:44 pm , Anonymous Madaxejan said...

We've got a local shop here in the village of the damned. I bought a loaf of bread there when we ran out last week. Me, "I'll take this loaf of bread please", Shoppie, "98p please sir", Me, "here's a shiny pound, my good man", Shoppie, (deadpan), "Thank you sir, I can't give you any change though, because I don't want to run out", Me, "Yeah, ok", I leave. Got half way home and thought about what had just occoured, bastard! No wonder he's got a Merc...I want my 2p back..

At 2:49 pm , Blogger searleyeditor said...

Me, local shop, unusually large odd shaped overcoat 'have you paid for that Sir?'

Me 'Nooooooo', me exit shop. Distant sirens increasing...


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