Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Public Rant-sport

So the train wasn't, due to a signal failure. No problem - there's a coach waiting outside. So up I go, and stand waiting five minutes for the driver to finish his phone conversation. Which he eventually does, and gets out and makes to walk past me without stopping, despite the fact I've obviously been waiting to speak to him. So I collars him, I do, and ask politely if this is the bus to Falmouth. No, he says, there's another one coming and he's just on stand-by in case it over-loads. So I wander back to the front where I can see to read my book, and wait 20 minutes. At which point the twat driver starts up the bus and lets everyone on, me now being at the back of the queue and in danger of not getting a place at all! Grrrrrr.


At 12:45 pm , Blogger Matt said...

Do you want me to hunt him down and hurt him? Think of it as a christmas pressie!

At 5:01 pm , Blogger Dave said...

I think we have to accept that the world is conspiring against you.

At 5:58 pm , Blogger searleyeditor said...

Oh Matthew honestly. As if!


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