Saturday, January 06, 2007

Twelfth Night

So, I appear to have gone a week into the New Year without posting. Oops.

Took the tree down the evening, which is always sad. Am I *really* anally retentive, to insist that all the ornaments go back into the same boxes they came out of, the same boxes, indeed, that they were purchased in?

So, New Year's Resolutions then:
> Clean out the microwave (seriously. it's minging.)
> Complete the things on my to-do list. Some things have been on there for three years (renew passport, for example). And then there's 'get wedding pictures printed'. Hey, it was only last May...
> Be more adventurous in cooking. Got a 3-tier steamer for Christmas, and have just done boiled potatoes, fillets of salmon studded with fresh ginger and steamed leeks. On one ring. Go me!


At 5:23 pm , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

As you presumably haven't been abroad in the last 3 years, there doesn't seem much point in rushing to get a new passport. Make the list shorter by just crossing off the things you really don't have to do this year.

At 12:30 pm , Blogger searleyeditor said...

My 'To Do' list, number 1: Write to do list. Excellent progress

At 3:48 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

as I haven't been abroad in the last 10 years, it is something I am quite keen to get round to!

I don't HAVE to do anything, but then I'd just spend the year sitting on my arse surfing the internet. Again...


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