Saturday, April 14, 2007

Change is bad

So I've finally been forced by the prompt boxes of evil into switching to blogger2. Which means I now have to remember that to log in I need a different email address, and then a different password from what I would usually use for that email address. What? Eh? I'm confused now.

Also, why does the flaming site not remember that I'm logged in anymore? I never had to re-log in before, and now I have to pretty much every time.

And now it wants me to upgrade my template too.

By upgrading, you will lose many of the changes that you previously made to your template.

Why, exactly, would I want to do that then?





At 7:50 am , Blogger Dave said...

I didn't lose many of my changes, and those that did go can quickly be restored in the new blogger set up - it really is easier.

What I did was to copy my entire template into a word document before I switched, so that I still had access to all my old links.

At 11:26 am , Blogger Jane P said...

Nah, change is exciting.


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