Friday, September 21, 2007

It's a million to one chance - but it might just work

We have, in the department, a walk-in cupboard lined with files. One wall of this is dedicated to one particular construction project, covering about ten years, in overlapping series with no index. Occasionally someone wants something, and we can never, ever find it. This morning, I was dispatched into the cupboard of doom to find a document, with no indication of who produced it, what it looked like, when it was dated, or, indeed, if it actually existed.

I took down a file at random, and there, the first document in the first section, was what I was looking for.

So - do you reckon I should go and buy a lottery ticket?




At 2:14 pm , Blogger Dave said...

If I say yes, do I get a share in the winnings?

Or do you think you've used up your quota of luck for the month?

At 5:07 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

...I bought a scratchcard. Nuffink. I guess it's expired!


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