Saturday, October 06, 2007


Is this a cold I see before me? Actually, it appears to be more like tonsilitis, and I consequently spent about four days lying on the sofa occasionally whimpering pitifully if it looked like being of any use.

(On day one, I put the duvet on the sofa, inserted a hot water bottle, arranged a couple of cushions. Left the room to make something to eat, came back, and the cat had inserted herself under the duvet at the hot water bottle end. Hmph.)

Anyway, went back to work when the alternative was being dragged kicking and scraming to the doctor.

So what else is new and exciting? Well, went to the Trengilly Wartha for dinner with some friends last Saturday, lamb shank and mash, very nice too. The downside being the table of hoorays across from us that found themselves hysterical.

Why is it some people just cannot talk quietly? What makes them think the entire bar is interested in their conversation? Also, there were halogen lights on runners above us, and they decided they didn't like the spotlight on them. Fair enough, but they swung it round so it was pointing directly into my face. And when I said "yeah, thanks for that," holding up my hands to avoid blindness, they moved it away with very bad grace. When the waitress came to see if she could help, they said "We can't point it that way because she doesn't like it," pointing at me. You do that again sweetcheeks, I'll bite it off.

In other news, I have grated my thumb knuckle. Ow.


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At 7:59 am , Blogger Dave said...

Every single blog I've read this last week seems to have some lurgy, while none of the real people I've seen this last week have anything wrong with them.

So where did I catch the cold I started with last night, eh? It's all you careless bloggers, that's who. I bet you didn't type this with a face-mask on, did you? Spreading your germs everywhere.



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