Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bonnie Prince Charlie

Well, our very own Duke of Cornwall, the Prince of Charles dropped by the hospital today for a free lunch, oops, I mean to open the multi-million pound new medical school. Or, the Knowledge Spa, to give it its proper name. What the heck-fire is a knowledge spa anyway? Do they immerse the students in educational bathtubs until they're all wrinkly with absorbed learning? And presumably the sniffer dogs combing the building beforehand were after bombs and not drugs, it being a hospital site an' all. Although the proximity of all those hard chemicals might explain the one that got overexcited and had a little accident in the new and shiny library. Bet they took that off the royal tour...

Anyway, us lowly ranks had to wait outside to be allowed a peek. When he got out the car someone called out "coo-ee". Possibly we made him jump, there he is, being ushered towards the lady mayor and all the bigwigs, and turns round to see a crowd of monkeys hanging over the wall. Still, he waved at us so I call that a result. Good on yer, yer highness.


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