Saturday, July 23, 2005

Wanted - (Quiet) New Neighbours

I don't know what they're doing next door, but I wish they'd stop it. Banging, loudly and constantly, since 9 this morning. Radio blaring madly from van in the drive. They seem to be re-roofing the garage, or possibly converting it back into a garage from the shed-y utility room I think it's been.

This comes after the mad drilling yesterday evening, just outside our front window. Peaceful, the last few weeks have not been.

They have also ripped out all the plants in the front garden, from what was a lovely border. It is now, literally, a strip of bare earth. I imagine all the cats in the neighbourhood think Christmas has come early. Their back garden has been suffering similarly. When the garden waste recyling van came round the other day, they had a wall of bags waiting for it. The whole width of the garden by the road, two bags high all the way along. And it was such a lovely garden.

They have also been twice heard muttering darkly about our garden, and what a mess it is. Now, it isn't. And given their apparent preferences for the napalm school of gardening, I'm not taking any notice. But I do laugh when I see the cats heading out once more for their flowerbeds...


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