Thursday, August 04, 2005

P(ubl)unch Drunk

Had a leaving do today (third in about as many months - er...was it something I said?). Sensibly took the afternoon off so I could actually drink when we went to the pub. This was the Royal Oak in Perranwell, and the first time I'd been there. Had a very nice cod in beer batter with chips and peas, plus obligatory two pints of Bass. Good place to eat, even if the chap doing the coffee order got a bit confused. Still, we got the right combination eventually...

The pleasant realisation that I hadn't had to pay for the two drinks lasted about as long as it took me to order a pint and a bottle in the Norway Inn just down the road, as I and someone else not going back to work waited for a lift back to Falmouth - a bloomin' fiver for two drinks! Cheek.


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