Saturday, March 11, 2006

Linda Smith

Why did noboby tell me Linda Smith had died? (OK so it would probably help if I ever watched the news). That's really sad, and a great loss.


At 1:02 am , Blogger Matt said...

I read about that the other week when I went to Wells for a meeting (not a euphemism). Arrived early and got a copy of the guardian and they had a big feature on her.
It oddly really knocked me for six and I don't know why.

Princess Diana. Nothing.

Linda Smith, felt a real sense of loss. Very odd.

Hammered home over the last week or so by so many people recounting how funny she was. I also find it quite odd how much for some reason she reminds me of Emma (which I think I've mentioned before).

One of my favourite quotes from Linda was "David Mellor. The thinking woman's 'fat ugly bastard'".


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