Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sancreed Well

Glorious sunshine yesterday. Today, we go on an outing - yep, thick mist. It did make it rather atmospheric though, with sounds muffled, and mist-bespangled cobwebs hanging in the gorse like something from an Arthur Rackham painting.

We sought out Sancreed Holy Well, in West Penwith. The directions I'd found indicated a footpath directly opposite the church, but if you carry on up the hill to the beacon, there's a layby you can park in and another footpath leading down the hill to it, which also looked a lot less overgrown.

The well sort of sneaks up on you. I often find this, with this kind of site - you're wandering along looking for it, only to suddenly realise you're in the middle of it (possibly I just walk along in a daze, but I'm looking for them...). I thought hang on that's not just a wall, it's the ruined chapel, ooh, that tree's covered in clouties, oh hang on, the well's right in front of me.

You walk down a number of rock steps into a mossy stone chamber, the rock sparkles and cobwebs twinkle from the ferns in the roof. At the bottom is a pool of still water, and you can hear it trickling in from somewhere.

We had the place to ourselves (another couple arrived as we were leaving), and in the mist it felt completely removed from everywhere.


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