Friday, April 27, 2007


Last Sunday saw us take a trip down to Zennor, and the Gurnard's Head hotel. The intention was to meet up with friends for lunch before joining a guided walk run by the area's National Trust archaeological warden (a long walk after lunch? arse about face that, shurely?).

Anyway, we found the place, and some of the friends, and ordered lunch (after a very long wait for service but then they were very busy). They brought out slices of homemade bread, warm from the oven while we waited, which was heavenly (although with only one tiny slice of butter between the four of us, which we eked out being too scared to ask for more).

When the food arrived it was definitely worth the (slightly higher than normal for pub) prices - the quality was higher than most restaurants. There was a small selection of starters/mains/desserts (three of each I think) allowing them to prepare the best food I've eaten out on in a long time.

Battered hake was probably the freshest fish I've ever had and the chips were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just how the likes of Gordon Ramsey are always banging on about. Up till now I'd always thought 'yeah-yeah, a chip's a chip'. Now I know better. It came with a pot of - I'd guess it was some sort of herby tartare sauce but I've no idea. Nice though. No ketchup and no offer of any. Too scared to ask for any and thus look like a pikey.

The other two had the tomato lasagne which was fabulous, and was also declared so by the member of the party who'd ordered it despite not liking lasagne, as it was the only veggie option.

After lunch and another drink (good selection of local beer) and the arrival of another member of our party - fortunately, being the only one who knew what the walk guide looked like - we ventured out.

Completely failing to find any sign of the group, we struck out on our own, and were soon heading up a footpath between Carn Galver and Hannibal's Carn. The weather was overcast but dry, and the ground was covered in bluebells, violets and wood anemones.

Striking out to our left up Hannibal's Carn, we spotted a likely looking group gathered down in the next valley. It was indeed the missing group (we never did find out if we had the time wrong) and we joined up.

We were just in time to be shown round the beehive hut/possible above-ground fogou at Bosporthennis, and Iron Age/Romano British courtyard house. On the way back towards the road we struck off on our own again to see a quoit that they'd looked at on the way up (second pic).

Down here in the valley, the gorse was in full vivid bloomand the sun finally came out, to round off a very nice day out.



At 2:38 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just piping up to say hello! I have been an anonymous reader of your blog for several months now, Izzy, and I've been enjoying your narrative.

best regards,


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