Monday, April 30, 2007

Dolforwyn Castle & Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle

Lost the morning due to waking up with a migraine. Ugh.

Ventured out around lunchtime, the weather being too good to waste. Over the border into Wales today, and up to Dolforwyn Castle. Spectacular views and no one else there until we left, which was great. Built in the 1270's. Dug up again more recently by York University...

Went in search of Mitchell's Fold stone circle next. Note to self: check the map before taking the first likely looking footpath, otherwise you will lead your expedition up the wrong hill and be left glaring at the stone circle perched irritatingly on the next hill over, with something of a large drop in between you and it.

Still, we got there eventually, and had it to ourselves. It's a Bronze age circle, of around 15 stones (from a possible original 30) remaining. Spectacular views from up on the hills, and the winding lanes are full of birds and flowers. And the occasional coach. Eek.

Got back around 5pm and had hot chocolate and Yorkshire tea loaf. Had the remains of the meatballs transformed into a pasta sauce for dinner.



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