Saturday, January 05, 2008

008, Licensed to post cheap innuendo

Happy, um, January? Yes, quite.

So there I am, checking my email and trying to drink enough black coffee to wake up, when there's a short loud bang at the door. It's not quite a knock-knock, and as far as I know the doorbell's working, so I assume it's one of the cats, but I go to have a look, (somewhat tentatively, as I'm only clad in dressing gown and towel).

I pull open the door to find a middle-aged balding gentleman bent down in an attempt to stuff a Yellow Pages through my cat-flap.

The Cornish Rambler : startling unsuspecting locals since 2004.



At 1:46 pm , Blogger Dave said...

Dressing gown and towel sounds somewhat overdressed.

At 4:11 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

ah, but the towel was on my head...


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