Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Occasional Sausage

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Is that like an occasional table, meaning I can do the joke about what is it the rest of the time then? Anyway, this evening it's an excuse to watch Richard Hammond, who gets my vote for the tv presenter with the sexiest eyes. Ever. I think the programme was supposed to put us off eating sausages because of their nasty fat and salt content, but all those clips of sizzling trays of the things just made me want some. Even Hammond, having first rather dubiously tasted the one they made with the worst ingredients happily ate another bit when the 'hey it tastes like a sausage' factor kicked in. Although he didn't seem to come across the economy brand that I remember an ex-housemate of mine used to eat which had 'mechanically recovered chicken meat' on the list of ingredients...


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