Friday, October 14, 2005

Trengilly Wartha

Thursday night saw us taken for dinner at the Trengilly Wartha as a thank you for house-moving and earth-shifting related efforts. This is a pub/hotel hidden away down the most hair-raising twisting plummet of a track you can imagine, especially undertaken at night. Worth it when you get there though, big wooden high-backed pew-type seats in the bar, Cornish ale and good food.

Had the Hot Steak Sandwich - "marinated rib-eye steak, caramelized onions, aioli* and salad leaves in a soft ciabatta bun" - which was simply marvellous, followed by three mixed balls of Callestick Farm ice cream (incidentally, am I alone in despising rock-hard bits hidden in ice-cream? I don't know what it was supposed to be, but t'was akin to shards of brown glass being hidden in my dessert).

Oh, and moments you're glad you're alone in the loos - standing with your hands under the dryer wondering why it's not coming on, only to realise that it's actually a paper towel holder. Ahem.

* Like garlic mayonnaise that's been sneezed through a straw. Er, in a good way.


At 12:22 am , Blogger Matt said...

sounds marvellous.
Haven't been to the trengilly since, I think, that time with you when ordering a mug of coffee meant being given an entire cafetiere!

Smug cornish bit: I think if I've got it right that trengilly wartha means 'the higher house in the trees'

At 12:23 am , Blogger Matt said...

also it's so long since i posted with my blogger account that that has just taken me about 15 minutes to remember my login details.


At 12:24 am , Blogger Matt said...

quicker that last time obviously


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