Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Amazon Weirdness

OK, I just tried to look up a book on Amazon, and the search result came back as follows:

We found no matches for "sharper than a serpents tooth" . Below are results for "team". If you prefer, you may try another search.

Team? What? How the heck-fire do you get from what I put in to that? Am I missing something here? Do they just substitue random words? It gave me all lego and barbie.


At 7:44 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just tried it and got "No results match your search for 'sharper than a seprent's tooth' in Recommended for you: Publicize Your Book, The Self Publishing Manual and Jump Start Your Book Sales." I am guessing their database picks up previous recs associated with your name. But I prefer the association of "team" with "serpent's tooth" as in the ubiqutous job ads asking for a "team player" when the job really requires someone who can tolerate the intolerable.

At 7:53 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

the bizarre thing is the fact that that IS what the book is called, and when I searched by author instead (Simon Green) it was the first book to come up. so I don't think much of their search facility!

At 8:53 am , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

Is it really called "sharper than a serpents tooth"? Rather than, say, "sharper than a serpent's tooth". These things make a difference if you're a pedantic search engine.

I just tried it in Amazon with the apostrophe, and it found the book straight away.

At 12:13 pm , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

Sorry, I sound unbelieveably smug. It's your fault - I'm sitting here with time on my hands, having caught that bug from you last week.

At 7:23 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

ah yes, infectious prose at its best...

and no, I didn't bother to put the apostrophe in as I was doing it quickly (ie sneakily) at work, but even so any search engine worth its salt should have come up with approximate matches to the search terms (maybe Sharpe books or books on snakes or something).


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