Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hilaria - a festival of joy celebrated annually in ancient Rome on this date after the vernal equinox*. Festivities closed with a ceremony of washing believed to promote fertility. This event turns out to be tripley pertinent to today, as:

  • Spring has arrived in the garden: my first daffodil is out, and there are primroses in the lawn;
  • Going out to dinner tonight, thereby covering the no doubt obligatory carousing parts of the festival;
  • Bought a shiny new Big Blue Beast of a vacuum cleaner. This may not sound exciting, but when you've had a crappy little cylinder affair for years, and no bags for it for months, hoovering suddenly becomes fun and I can see the colour of the carpet again. Got so overenthusiastic I mopped the kitchen floor an' all. Phew.

* Everyday Wicca, Gerina Dunwich


At 10:19 pm , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

'hoovering suddenly becomes fun'.

If you want some more fun, you're welcome to pop over here with your shiny blue thing.

At 7:02 pm , Blogger The Book Fiend said...

And to my place too - doe sit work on floorboards?


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