Sunday, June 04, 2006

La Scala

Went out in Truro on Friday night for a leaving do (for someone that actually left several weeks ago, but technicalities have never got in the way of our department and parties).

First stop was a new wine bar called La Scala - just a doorway onto the street, but stretches intriguingly to a shady garden at the back, with various chunks of classical sculpture hidden in the bushes. Had a peek into the upstairs rooms on the way out, and they're all done out like a gentlemens' club or something, with leather chairs and chandeliers - would be a very nice place to go back to on a dark winter's evening and settle in for the duration! We had a wonderful plate of olives and bruschetta with various toppings, and the wine was good (although could have been a little colder, and if you don't want wine or a soft drink you're out of luck, as the person who wanted a gin and tonic discovered). Certainly worth a trip back I feel!

Moved on then to The Wheel Inn in Tresillian for a huge plate of fish and chips. An 15th century thatched pub on the road in to Truro, the food is fabulous and very reasonably priced (certainly after La Scala!).


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