Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Being as how we're having a run of what might be described as summery weather, and in the continuing quest to at least get our money's worth from the National Trust membership, on Sunday we went to Trengwainton Gardens, in Penzance.

The entrance is through the shop, where one lady who appeared to be doing everything looked at our cards then wandered off again to her box unpacking. She then wandered back to point out which door we should be going through, which was hidden behind lots of shoppers and completely unsigned in any large meaningful ENTRANCE type way, and then went again, so once we got into the garden proper we realised we had no map or idea of where to go or what there was to see. Plumping for the random exploration method rather than going back, it was nonetheless irritating to see other people smugly strolling about with laminated maps.

The garden is centred on what is basically someone's driveway, albeit a driveway to a very big posh house (which you're not allowed to go into, just stare wistfully at from the peasantry end of the lawn). There is a stream running down one side, with lots of pretty flowers - er, irises, certainly, and some sort of primula thing (or is that soft cheese) and, um, some pink ones.

Up the left of the grounds is a network of pathways under impressive trees (beech, magnolias, rhododendrons, tree ferns) and quite a few bluebells were still out. To the right of the drive is a walled garden, built, apparently, to the exact measurements of Noah's Ark. Well, it does rain quite a lot round here I suppose...

We finished things off with a cream tea in the restaurant - two enormous freshly baked scones and lashings of Cornish clotted cream and strawberry jam.


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