Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Towering Inferno

I like to think I provide, if not high class entertainment, then at least good comedy value for guests. So there we were, sitting out studiously ignoring the approaching thunder clouds and listening to the sizzle of steaks on the barbie, when the smoke alarm goes off. Gosh, we think, that's sensitive, picking up that from out here. All five of us having up to now missed the rolling clouds of black smoke pouring out of the kitchen door, and, indeed, the upstairs window. Upon investigation, this turns out to be the wok I put on to heat up for onion frying purposes, before returning outside to prod the beef (no that's not a euphemism), sitting back down and forgetting all about it. The oil, in a bid for regaining my attention, having caught fire in the pan. Oops. Fortunately, having bunged the flaming thing outside onto the patio (wooden handle, luckily), no actual damage was caused inside, other than the interesting effect of all the cobwebs in the kitchen now looking like they've been drawn in with pencil. Means I'm going to have to dust. Damn.

Otherwise, the evening went without incident, although a sprinkle of rain did drive us back inside (now smoke free) to finish the meal. Rump steaks and onions (having dug out an alternative pan), pork steaks and homemade apple sauce & potato salad,followed by hot chocolate fudge cake (ok I cheated and bought that) with homemade blackcurrant ice cream. And lashings of wine. Hurrah!

(That cobweb picture works better if you click on it for the larger version)


At 7:37 am , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

I feel hungrty now, and it's only an hour since I breakfasted. Please send steak parcel by next post.


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