Saturday, September 18, 2004

Jam With Everything

No, not another machinery-wrecking incident, but a new cafe in town called Jam. Well, I say new, but I haven't been past there for ages, so it might have been there a while (not quite cutting edge news I know...). Leather sofa, french jazz, and the best coffee I've had in ages, so if you live in Falmouth, drop in sometime.

It occurred to me afterwards, the supermarkets might be missing out on a trick here. You know how they pump out essence of coffee bean and baking bread to try and tempt people into buying more - well maybe they should try tailoring their supermarket radio to the aisle you're in with a selection of trans-continental tunes. I say this because after half an hour sitting in a flow of french warbling I promptly went off and bought croissants, a baguette and soft cheese...


At 10:25 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds very nice,
whereabouts is it?

And do you fancy a coffee there sometime?

At 6:59 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

next door to Number 33 (so number 31, possibly...). And yes. I was sat in there thinking it was the sort of place you'd like and that I'd have to drag you in as soon as possible!

At 8:03 pm , Blogger james henry said...

They have lots of books and CDs downstairs, btw, which I only realized last week. But then I am quite slow.

At 8:37 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

Well I was sat opposite a big arrow with lights running all round it for about half an hour before it occurred to me that it might actually be directing me somewhere...(although I was on my own and too scared to go and investigate).


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