Friday, October 01, 2004

A Foxy Topic

Went to a lecture in Penzance last night, by Steve, who ran the evening course I did. In what we'd come to recognise as his traditional fashion, he'd made a last minute change to the topic, so not 'Cornish Witchcraft' as billed, but Earth energies and practical magic (minus Nicole Kidman). I think this rather foxed the rest of the audience though. However, what foxed 'em good and proper came later on in the questions and answers at the end, when an innocent question from some visiting Americans nearly prompted a punch-up between pro- and anti-hunt supporters. Anyway, the result was a farming couple storming out of the theatre - we'd all thought they were actually getting up to get rather more violent...overall, it went down as one of the more entertaining lectures in the series anyway!

What was rather more annoying was me being charged £9.05 for three drinks - definitely overcharged, but handed the cash over in a sort of stunned bemusement. Now of course wish I'd been rather more stroppliy farmer-liker and queried it at the time...


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