Saturday, October 09, 2004

Rowan Berries

Went out the other night to collect some rowan berries (as you do), in what turned out to be a slightly more farcical expedition than envisaged. Had decided to wait until after dark on the grounds that a woman climbing the verge with a pair of secateurs might not be less suspicious, but would at least be less visible. Of course the flaw in this plan that rather rapidly became apparent was that while no one could see me, nor could I see what I was doing. Located the tree easily enough, as it's on a road junction, but after that things were a bit dark (well, very dark) and higher up than they'd looked while previously driving past in daylight. And things were further hampered by the occupants of the end house, not being decently indoors in front of the telly and behind closed curtains, but ALL out in the garden, packing the car or something. So following the subsequent blind leaps and grabs and scrabbling in the hedge there's probably now a family up the road under the impression they were recently attacked by a giant squirrel...


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