Monday, June 19, 2006

Track Marks

Well, now, there's a thing. Our branch line, wot normally has a double carriage train, has recently been reduced to one for the forseeable future, by the suits that no doubt all travel in posh cars. This leaves us overcrowded to the point of people having to stand for the whole journey, and in a decrepit old shell which used to be the one they wheeled out when the decent ones had broken down, but now appears to be ours. Seats are missing and broken, covers are pulled off, the floor and windows are filthy. The conductor recently distributed complaints cards, urging everyone to write and complain about it: "tell 'em it's minging, tell 'em it smells, anything!", in the vain hope they might return our second carriage, much-needed in terms of oxygen level alone.

Today I got a letter back from them, polite but fudging, mainly: "I would seek to assure you that your experience was not representative of our usual service". Maybe not the rest of your services, but the point was that this IS now representative of our daily journey to work and back.

Anyway, they sent me £25's worth of train vouchers, which I wasn't expecting.

So that's me bought then.


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