Friday, September 22, 2006

Richard Hammond

Best of luck and wishes to the Hamster, who was bitten by a Vampire and landed on his noggin earlier this week.

In a statement issued through his agent, James May said: "I've had a conversation with Hammond today. Not a long one, but it was a conversation. "I want to say this - Doctors are cautiously optimistic about his recovery because doctors have to be. I'm not a doctor but I am his mate and I believe that deep inside the Hammond I know is perfectly intact."


At 7:32 am , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

Yes indeed. I really should have posted my best wishes to Richard on my blog too. He's such a nice guy, and at 5'7" actually shorter than me, which doesn't happen that much.

At 11:33 pm , Blogger The Book Fiend said...

Hoping all goes well for the Hammster - I've had a colossal crush on him for so long - I wouldn't want anything to happen to him. Obviously something HAS happened to him, but I really do hope he makes a complete recoivery very soon. He's always struck me as such a sweetheart!


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